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How to locate the price of the generator set
Generator price is the topic of concern for every new and old user. If you choose a good product, it is not cheap. When you buy a unit, you still have to look at the quality. If the quality is not good, there may be a series of problems such as repairs, replacements, and delays in use
Identification of oil filter good or bad
The oil filter plays an irreplaceable role in the construction machinery oil circuit: a small oil filter seems to be inconspicuous, but it has an irreplaceable position in construction machinery. Machinery does not start to oil, just like the human body can not be separated from healthy blood
Preparation before the start of the diesel generator set
Diesel generator sets are a good helper for backup power, and are spare and emergency equipment to alleviate power shortages. The user can start normally when the unit is in use, and it is necessary to prepare the generator set before starting.
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