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Air cooled diesel generator 4.5-6.8kw

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Air cooled diesel generator 4.5-6.8kw

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Specificaion of Kanpor Silent Type Air Cooled Diesel Generator Set
Silent type KP6500STA KP7500STA KP6700DGFN KP7500DGFN KP9500DGFN
Rated frequency[Hz] 50/60
Rated voltage[V] 110/115/120/220/230/240
Rated output[KW] 4.5/5.0 5.5/6.0 4.5/5.0 5.5/6.0 6.8/7.5
Max output[KW] 5.0/5.5 6.0/6.5 5.0/5.5 6.0/6.5 7.5/8.5
Rated speed[rpm] 3000/3600
Power factor[cos@] 1.0 
Phase Single phase
Noise level[Db(A)@7m] 70-74 68-70
Alternator type Brush type, 100% copper wire, 100% output
Engine model Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, direct injection, diesel engine
Engine type 186FAE 188FE 186FAE 188F 192F
Displacement[cc] 418 456 418 456 498
Compression ratio 19:1
Starting mode Electric start
Rotation dircetion Clockwise
Fuel 0#(summer) or -10#(winter) -35#(chillness) diesel oil
Lube CDgrade or SAE 10W-30,15W-40
Low oil pressure alert system Available
Overall dimension(LxWxH)[mm] 950x570x770 1050x540x770
Dry weight[kg] 160 170 163 173 185


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