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Ricardo Series 108-180kW Silent Type Diesel Genset

Ricardo Series 108-180kW Silent Type Diesel Genset

Product Name

Ricardo Series 108-180kW Silent Type Diesel Genset

FEATURES: 1. Full control panel with power indicator light and oil ligh; 2. Emergency shutdown for low oil pressure and high water temperature; 3. Large fuel tank ensure continuous running; 4. Low noise & vibration level; 5. Compact structure; 6. Reliable performance; 7. Easy for installation and maintenance; 8. 50hz and 60hz are both available for option.
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Technical Data
Genset Model   KPW150 KPW155 KPW165 KPW220 KPW250
Rated Power KW/KVA 108/135 112/140 120/150 160/200 180/225
Standby Power KW/KVA 120/150 124/155 132/165 176/220 200/250
Rated Voltage V 220V/127V 380V/220V 400V/230V 415V/240V 480V/277V 600V/346V
Speed RPM 1500/1800
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Engine Model   R6105IZLD1 R6105IZLD 6110ZLD 6126ZD 6126AZD
Engine Power KW 132 150 165 215 235
Air intake way   Turbo Turbo Turbo Turbo Turbo
Governor   Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Cylinder QTY 6 6 6 6 6
Bore*Stroke mm*mm 105×135 105×135 113×135 126×135 126×135
Displacement L 7.01 7.01 7.69 9.726 9.726
Fuel Consumption g/kw.h 224 231 215 221 221
Compression Ratio   16:1 16:1 17:1 16:1 16:1
Alternator Model   STF-274E STF-274F STF-274G STF-274H STF-274J
Voltage Regulation   AVR
Excitation Method   Brushless
Open Type Size mm 2500x900x1500 2550x900x1600 2550x900x1600 2700x900x1800 2700x900x1800
Open Type Weight kg 1500 1610 1803 2160 2230
Soundproof Size mm 2900x1050x1700 2950x1050x1800 2950x1050x1800 3200x1150x1900 3200x1150x1900
Soundproof Weight kg 2480 2510 2710 3060 3120
Other Configuration
Supply, Installation of three phase auto start generator with auto transfer switch Yes
400/230 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz,  Prime rated DG Set Yes
Including Auto Mains Failure(AMF) Panel Yes
Sync panel Yes
Sound proof canopy. Yes
Manual transfer switch for AMF ( for Backup) Yes
Provisioning for one additional genset Yes
Fuel tank level Min/max and parameters monitoring thru DCIM Compatible control Panel Yes
Water cooled, floor mounted, indoor type Yes
Engine, Alternator, Digital Control Panel for automatic start Diesel Generator Yes
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