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5kW Fuel Cell Generator

5kW Fuel Cell Generator

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5kW Fuel Cell Generator

Semi-integrated 5000W fuel cell system Includes: * Connections/Tubing * Electronic valves * Electronic control box * 5000W stack with blower * Fuel cell ON/OFF switch * SCU ON/OFF switch * LCD display
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Main Parts Specification Data
Fuel Cell System Model KP5000-FC
Type of fuel cell PEM
Number of cells 120
Rated power  5000W
Rated performance 72V@70A
Hydrogen supply valve voltage 12V
Purging valve voltage 12V
Blower voltage 24V
Reactants Hydrogen and air
Ambient temperature 5-30oC(41-86oF)
Max stack temperature 65oC(149oF)
Hydrogen pressure 0.45-0.55 Bar
Humidification Self-humidified
Cooling   Air(integrated cooling fan)
Stack weight(with fan and casing) 30kg(±200g)
Controller weight 2500g(±100g)
Stack size 650x350x212mm
Flow rate at max output 65L/min
Hydrogen purity ≥99.995% dry H2
Start up time ≤30s (ambient temperature)
Effiiciency of system 40% @72V
Low voltage protection  60V
Over current protection 90A
Over temperature protection 65oC(149oF)
External power supply  24V(±1V), 8A-12A
Hydrogen Production System Model KPH-5
Production capacity 2.5-5 Nm3/h
Purity 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999% adjustable
Material Water methanol dispenser with 50±2% concentration
Heat supply Combine residual heat and electric heating together
Oxygen supply pressure ≤0.9MPa(G), adjustable
Power connecting port 380V AC, 50Hz, 3-phase
Noise level <65dB
Lifespan 10 yrs for equipment, 10yrs for adsorbent, >15000hrs for catalyst
Working mode Output in seconds, much faster
Working condition -20 - 45oC
Equipment safety design Main unit is anti-explosion
Cooling Way Air cooled
Liquid mixing system MH-200 mixing system for option
Hydrogen production catalyst Low temp. (180-230oC)
Medium temp. (230-290
High temp. (300-600
Can be customized
Methanol consumption  0.78kg/Nm3 (Hydrogen purity 5N)
Hydrogen gas buffer Optional
Installation environment Indoor or outdoor
Main unit dimension 1500x1200x1700mm
Voltage Regulator Standard AVR
Equipment Features Equipments are designed and produced under global standards, much safer with anti-explosion processing. 
Hydrogen production unit is designed and produced under standards of 'GB150-2011Pressure Vessel', the liquid storage capacity of the evaporator is below 30L,  inspection-free. 
Highly automatic, output in seconds
Hydrogen purity, flow and pressure are adjustable, online inspection, running data can be remote monitering
Exhaust gas recovery system, environment friendly and energy saving
Materials Require-ments Standards Remarks
Methanol meets the standards of First Grade or Superior Grade under 'GB33802011', chloridion≤0.25mg/L, sulphur≤0.5mg/L, ethanol<10ppm(wt%) No abnormal odor, Colorless transparent liquid, no visible impurities during solubility; recommend natural gas methanol. 
Desalted water: pH=7, conductivity≤μS/cm; chloridion≤0.25mg/L, sulphur≤0.5mg/L Stable under 90oC temperature, no corrosive effect to carbon steel or stainless steel. 



1) How many of these 5kW or any other capacity FCs have you sold? 
A: About 200sets each year. Mainly are 5kW. 
2) Who and where they are being used?
A: China Telecom and branches of Boeing. 
3) What Certifications do you have?
A: ISO9001, CE
4) What is the Hydrogen consumption in gm/kWh? 
A: 69.42g/kw.h
5) Do you have User interface or Remote management for your system?
A: Yes, User interface is available. Remote management system is for option which needs extra cost. 
6) What is the Starting voltage and the Stand-by voltage for it?
A: The operation voltage is 24V+1V.
7) Can you specify the maintenance requirement, periodicity and the parts require changing and prices?
A: It is free maintenance in daily operation. Replacing spare parts periodically is OK. 
8) Can you please explain your policy to replace the FC Stack and Controller or refurbish the Stack and Controller, and what would be cost as a percentage of the purchase price? 
A: About 10% of the purchase price.   
9) Are you able to maintain a certain number of complete units and spare parts on consignment for every 50 or 100 systems sold?
A: 5% of spare parts stock will be OK. 


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