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1.1kW Methanol Fuel Cell Generator

1.1kW Methanol Fuel Cell Generator

Product Name

1.1kW Methanol Fuel Cell Generator

1.1kW Methanol Fuel Cell Generator Performance Model KP1500-MFC Gross power (typical) 1.5 kW Net power (typical) 1.1 kW Voltage range (DC) 24V (18V-28V); 48V (44V-55V) Idle to peak power 1 to 20 minutes (min to max)
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Characteristic Specification Data
Performance Model KP1500-MFC
Gross power (typical) 1.5 kW
Net power (typical) 1.1 kW
Voltage range (DC) 24V (18V-28V); 48V (44V-55V)
Idle to peak power 1 to 20 minutes (min to max)
Operating conditions Ambient operating temperature -4oF to 113oF (-20oC to 45oC)
Fuel cell operating temperature 77oF to 176oF (25oC to 80oC)
Humidity  No effect
Altitude <6500ft (1981m)
Design Module dimentions 19.25 in. length x 1.9 in. width 
x 22.5 in. height
(48.8 cm length x 48 cm width 
x 57 cm height)
Weight per module 150 lb (68kg)
Fuel tank capacity  3 to 55 gallons (12 to 208 L)
Operating noise <70 dB
Easy operation Button control
Fuel Methanol (DI water mix or pure) 50% to 100%
Fuel consumption 0.8 L/kWh
Communi-cations Communications ports USB 2.0 A and B connectors
Battery interconnect SB175 polarized connector
Remote monitoring Available as an option
Protection Battery over voltage shutdown Yes
Battery under voltage shutdown Yes
Over temperature shutdown Yes
Under temperature shutdown Yes
Fuel tank leak detection shutdown Yes
Cooling failure Yes
Fuel level and refill indicator Yes
Freeze protection (in idle mode) Yes
Exhaust trace element data CO2 < 3%
Methanol < 0.23%
Water 99.77%
Water volume 1.14 cups/hr (270 ml/hr)
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